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Honduras, along with the other Central American provinces, gained independence from Spain in 1821; it then briefly was annexed to the Mexican Empire.Before long, social and economic differences between Honduras and its regional neighbors exacerbated harsh partisan strife among its leaders, bringing about the federation's collapse in 1838-39. General Francisco Morazán, a Honduran national hero, led unsuccessful efforts to maintain the federation. In 1823, Honduras joined the newly formed United Provinces of Central America. Restoring Central American unity remained the officially stated chief aim of Honduran foreign policy until after World War I.

Since independence, Honduras has had 300 internal rebellions, civil wars, and changes of government--more than half occurring during the 20th century. The economic dominance and political influence of these companies was so great from the late 19th until the mid 20th century that it coined the term banana republic. Traditionally lacking both an economic infrastructure and social and political integration, Honduras's agriculturally based economy came to be dominated by United States companies, notably United Fruit Company and Standard Fruit Company, which established vast banana plantations along the north coast.

In 1888, a projected railroad line from the Caribbean coast to the capital, Tegucigalpa, ran out of money when it reached San Pedro Sula, resulting in its growth into the nation's main industrial center and second largest city.

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In 1993, Honduras continued to have a low population density despite explosive population growth during the second half of the twentieth century and significant immigration from neighboring countries. The population was also a little more than 50 percent rural and unevenly distributed in the mountainous areas around the capital and near the Salvadoran border, and in the Río Ulúa valley. Fleeting internal migration, however, was expected to change Honduras from a rural highlands nation in the twentieth century to an urban one with large segments living in coastal lowlands in the twenty-first century.
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